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Watch the video and scroll down to find out to

Change HIVStory

Thanks! By sharing this message with everyone in your networks, you’re playing a huge role in helping to end HIV.

Share the Word

Together we can end HIV

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Tell people it's different now.
Tell them testing is easier.
Tell them treatment is better.
Tell them that together, we can end HIV.

Take the Test

Changing history is this simple

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Ask your family doctor

If we all do it, regular testing can end HIV.
Ask for it as part of a routine health check at
your next doctor's appointment

Find a testing location

HIV testing is offered across Vancouver, often on a drop-in basis.

Join the Movement

If you becomes we, we can end HIV

Yes! I'm in'

Come on, Vancouver!
Raise your hand and be counted.
Together, we really can end HIV.

Change HIVStory

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