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The Opportunity

Right now, about 200 people are newly diagnosed with HIV in Vancouver each year.
That's 200 people too many. But we can change this. You. Me. All of us. We can end HIV in our hometown.

Here's how

1 in 4 HIV-positive people don't know they have the virus. That's an estimated 4,500 people in BC alone. Undiagnosed and untreated, these people could go on to unknowingly infect many more. In fact about half of all new HIV infections come from people who don't know they have the virus.

But diagnosed and treated, HIV-positive people are 96 percent less likely to pass the virus along. When we know about it, we can stop transmission. An HIV test only takes a few minutes, but when we all do it, those few minutes add up to a whole lot. Or, better yet, a whole little.

This is it. This is our once in a lifetime opportunity. We can end HIV right here in Vancouver. Share these figures with your friends. Post. Tweet. And get tested. Together, we can change history.