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The Test

HIV testing is voluntary, like any other blood work or medical treatment. But voluntary doesn’t mean unnecessary. Anyone who has sex can get HIV, so everyone who’s had sex should be tested regularly. You. Me. That lady over there. Everyone.

Protect your health and the health of those you love. Make the test part of your routine healthcare. If we all start regular HIV testing now, then maybe someday, nobody will
need to.

Ask for the test

Ask your healthcare provider for the HIV test at your next appointment. They’ll take some blood and send it off to the lab. Results take about a week. As with any routine blood test, your doctor will only contact you in the case of positive or inconclusive results.

Don’t like waiting?

At point-of-care HIV testing sites across Vancouver, a drop of blood from your finger and 60 seconds are about all that’s needed. Results are immediate. In about the time it takes to update your Facebook status, you could know your HIV status.