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Treatment advances over the last three decades are nothing short of miraculous. Yes, HIV is a chronic disease, but it’s one we can manage and AIDS has been all but eradicated. Diagnosed and treated early, people with HIV can—and do—lead long, full lives.

Just one pill

The earlier HIV is diagnosed, the sooner treatment can protect the immune system, prevent further illness, and lower the risk of passing the virus along. And that treatment is simpler and more effective than ever before. Gone are the complicated drug cocktails. New treatments are easier to take, remember and are much simpler than ever before. Many people only need just one pill a day to keep their immune system strong and significantly lower the chances of infecting others.

No pill would be better

The advances in HIV treatment are something to celebrate, but we’d rather be celebrating our first year with zero new infections. With regular testing, the risk of transmission goes down, the number of new infections goes down, and we could all go down in history as the city that ended HIV.